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This is an episode guide for the Akazukin Chacha anime series. I wasn't the one who gathered the information in this page. That acknowledgement goes to two important and kind persons Natrisha-kun and Hitoshi-doi. While the descriptions are from me, Natrisha-kun had graciously supplied me the English titles of the episodes and the rest are from Hitoshi-doi's ACC site. My eternal gratitude to the both of you!

Note: There are a few clarifications I need to mention. The "Date First Shown" column is the date when the episode is first shown in Japan. The English titles are almost always not the real translation of the Japanese one. It is the episode title as given by Cartoon Network Asia who had shown the English-dubbed version of ACC. Being an episode guide, there are a lot of spoilers here. Some if you haven't seen the episodes yet, beware!

Episodes 1-25

Episode Number Date First Shown Japanese Title English Title Description
01 01/07/1994 Osawagase mahou tsukai toujou The Red-Hood Magician An adventure begins! Chacha and the gang are introduced and she gets to transform for the first time into Magical Princess Holyup.
02 01/14/1994 Rival ha kurozukin Magical Magic With ChaCha On the first day of school, Chacha meets new friends and fights a possessed Teacher Rascal.
03 01/21/1994 Burikko ningyo Marin Mermaid Marin On a beach excursion, the gang meets Marin and Holyup fights George the sea creature.
04 01/28/1994 Hissatsu! Sanbiki no kobuta kougeki Attack of the Three Little Pigs Everyone's gone love-crazy with Marin! And can the Urara Magic School survive the invasion of three ummm, little pigs?
05 02/04/1994 Kyuu-chan to date Kyuula the Vampire The gang faces the handsomest vampire around (well, according to him anyway), KYUULA!
06 02/11/1994 Akachan ha mahou ga oheta A Dose of Baby Magic The gang gets younger while Seravi becomes love-struck. All of these courtesy of twin magicians, Ranran and Kankan.
07 02/18/1994 Samusa bakuhatsu! Sensei ha yukionna Winter in Magic Land The Banana class gets a cold treatment (hahaha...very pun-ny ^_^;) from a substitute teacher, Teacher Oyuki.
08 02/25/1994 Watashi no cake ha ichiban zansu Science Versus Magic A visit from Riiya's grandpa results into a food shortage at the Urara's. But that's nothing compared to Aunt Cream's cakes.
09 03/04/1994 Hasshin! Nyandabar Z Magical Doll Festival It's the Doll Festival and when Seravi forgot about it,  Chacha gets upsets and runs away. The trio then meets the genius inventor Mikaneko and his infamous Nyandabar Z.
10 03/11/1994 Kyuu-chan no gyakushuu Kyuula Battles Magic Kyuula is back and is itching for revenge! Can he do it and still maintain his, err, cute and handsome exterior? 
11 03/18/1994 Kettei? Sushi champion Sushi and Fun A sushi-filled episode! Seravi teaches Kettei how to make the best sushi and Holyup gets to battle the "Sushi Champion". 
12 03/25/1994 Orin-chan no hatsukoi The Magic of Love At last Suzu shows herself! The gang meets the shy ninja as an evil sword creates chaos at school. 
13 04/01/1994 Ganbare orusuban! Foxy's Mysterious Magic When Chacha is left to take care of the house by herself, a big (well, not so big), bad (more like bumbling), wo--err, fox tries to get rid of Red Riding Hood Chacha.
14 04/08/1994 Daimaou-sama ha oikari degesu Memories of Evil Magic As Seravi becomes aware that Chacha is in danger, flashbacks from the previous episodes are shown.
15 04/15/1994 Tanjou! Franken-chan The Magic of True Love Chacha gets to play mother when a very large egg chases her home and hatches into a humongous baby.
16 04/22/1994 Deta! Umibouzu no imouto Deep Sea Magic When Riiya and Shiine becomes ill, it's up to Chacha, Marin and Suzu to find the cure but they have to face Shelly the sea creature first to get it.
17 04/29/1994 Kaettekita nyandabar Magic in the Family Mikaneko returns to avenge himself! And he brought the whole family and another Nyandabar robot which is hauntingly familar. Somebody say Power Rangers?
18 05/06/1994 Zombie keihou! Urara Gakuen Evil Mystical Warrior People in Urarar's are getting possessed by Cupidfil and it's up to the magical princess to stop the evil cupid.
19 05/13/1994 Kyoufu! Dorothy no imouto? Doris Creates Magical Mayhem Dorothy have a little sister?! Doris kidnaps her (or his) sister, Dorothy and creates confusion.
20 05/20/1994 Kaitou Nezumi-kid no chousen The Return of the Magical Mousekid Nezumi Kid stole the school stamp and it's up to the gang to recover it or else they cannot graduate.
21 05/27/1994 Kiken ga ippai rotenburo In Search of the Magical Stamp The search for the school stamp brings them to a hot spring where the gang gets to relax for a while and battles Beppu all at the same time.
22 06/03/1994 Bikkuri! Ikenie shotaiken Magical Ancient Spirits The kids finds themselves in a deserted village and fight an eight-headed monster to recover the lost school stamp.
23 06/10/1994 Tatakae! Sotsugyou shiken ChaCha and Her Final Magic Test With the stamp recovered, Chacha and the others have to pass the final exam. And this will require all the magic that the kids had learned.
24 06/17/1994 Watashiga densetsuno oujo-sama? Remembering Our Magical Ancestors The kids graduated at last! Then Yakko and Chacha play on a quiz game. Meanwhile, Daimaou learns that Access is returning and "fires" Sorges. He crashes on the gang's game and reveals something astounding--Chacha is the real princess .
25 06/24/1994 Naze naze! Arrow yabureru History of the Magical Selene Arrow While Seravi tells the story of Daimaou's return, Shiine falls into a spell and becomes bad. Holyup meets Access for the first time and nearly lost. Seravi tells Chacha to find the Phoenix Sword.