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Avondrow (36/M/Bristol, UK. skeptic)
. . Another example of the gobsmacking credulity and compulsion-to-believe encountered on Fortean Websites: I once left a post in a thread about Notrodamus, 'Bible codes' etc. The point I was trying to make was that it is possible, with a bit of imagination, to see hidden messages in all sorts of things. The example I gave was the poem, Thomlinson, by Kipling, published, I think, about the turn of the 19th century. Read in the right way, it mentions red giants, white dwarfs, black-holes and background microwave radiation (Obviously, it doesn't really, Kipling was being, er, poetic, but you could interpret it in such a way.
. . 'till he heard as the roar of a rain-fed fiord
. . the roar of the milky way, and Star by star they fell,
. . till they came to the belt of naughty stars that rimmed the mouth of hell.
. . The first were red with selfish pride, the next were white with pain,
. . the third were black with clinkered sin that can not burn again'.

Unfortunately, the folks at the site had their sarcasm filters on full power. My point went way over their heads and everyone took me at face value. I was inundated with congratulations on my remarkable insight and discovery. People wanted to know more about the prophet Kipling and his arcane wisdom. I could have started my own cult of Kiplingology. Hmm, now there's a thought!

The formerly-flat Earth was inflated by volcanic gas but as the volcanoes around the world prepare to erupt in next year's big cataclysmic gas-off, the Earth will deflate like a punctured soccer ball and will just sort of go limp in orbit. Our only hope is that the cattle which produce all the methane in the atmosphere can be bred to live underground and reinflate the planet. If you know any Real scientists, please discuss this wholely sane plan of action with them. Did I say I'm on a mission from God? At least, that's what my electric razor tells me...
Every single one of us is susceptible to wishful thinking, irrational conclusions, the placebo effect, and self-deception. It has nothing to do with intelligence, how much we want to help people, or if we are good-hearted.
. . Actually, accupuncture has been shown to work slightly better than a placebo in very limited situations. However, the whole premise of how it is said to work is false. ~Schrafinator
Chiropractic was shown to be less effective than benign neglect in an American Journal of Medicine article. Acupuncture is difficult to conduct double blind studies on since the needles get stuck in all subjects but the results that have been studied tend to correspond with those achieved by placebos. 8-year-old Emily Rosa showed Therapeutic Touch to be BS by her school science project which was also published in the American Journal of Medicine and has been shown on NOVA on PBS. ~Joe Needham

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