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  1. SUSPECTIVE: something held in abeyance due to doubt.
    . . I heard what he said, but I think it's suspective.
  2. SOURFUL: a feeling of sourness, irritation.
    . . As soon as I woke up, I felt sourful.

    Fun words, not proposed as useful, 'cept "cocept" & a couple others.
  3. LUSTICIOUS: A devastatingly beautiful person of desire --or, by extension, any object; say a sports car.
    . . S/he looked at me lusticiously.
  4. NOMO-SEXUAL: A person who claims they'll swear off sex & love; or one who is unlikely to achieve it again.
    . . Stories from prisons tend to show that many people would rather "go homo than nomo"!
  5. CLAVEN - A confidently given but doubtful "fact", considering the source. From the Cheers character.
    . . e.g., I knew a claven was coming when he said: "It's a little-known fact that...."
  6. COCEPT - An idea that fits in with another so well that they must be thought of together.
    . . e.g., A few cocepts that come to mind are gravity and string theory, over-population and extinction, or grass and green.
  7. DESPICION - The feeling toward something despised.
    . . e.g., I hold Windows in despicion.
  8. DETHUSED - To lose interest in a project.
    . . e.g., I was hot for this, but what you said dethused me.
  9. DISPRECIATE - To disapprove of; to be ungrateful for.
    . . e.g., I dispreciate what you said about my mother. She does not wear army boots and seldom did. She was in the Marines.
  10. ILLICITICITY - The quality --or degree-- of being illicit.
    . . e.g., His action had a high degree of illiciticity.
  11. MEGABYTAGE - An amount of digital data (as "footage" is obsolete).
    . . e.g., I'd download it, but the megabytage is too high.
  12. PRAVED - To be good, moral, nice. Back formation of "depraved".
    . . e.g., A person is born praved, 'til corrupted by society.
  13. RAMBUNCTUALIZE -To energize a child past the point of controlability.
    . . e.g., I almost had him almost quieted, but then his uncle rambunctualized him by tickling him.
  14. SCRUTANEOUSLY - The way that one looks when one scrutinizes something.
    . . e.g., He looked at me scrutaneously.

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