A Mid Atlantic Meeting Place
For Followers of Earth 
Based Religions.
To Promote, Learn, 
     Share and Gather
We did NOT inherit the Earth, we are borrowing it from our children.

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Who We Are
   Gaia's Song is a mid-Atlantic community of people 
focused on spiritual exploration and renewal within 
the context of Earth-based Religions and Pagan Paths.

   We are mutually respectful of people walking various 
paths, in search of what is right for them. 

We seek to: 
     * Support each other in exploring and experiencing 
our own and each other's spirituality 
     * Share with each other our individuality, rituals, 
and creativity.
     * Provide a safe space for sharing of information and resources 
in the Mid Atlantic region.
     * Promoting growth, healing, enlightenment, and 
     * Return to a place of balance.

Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission

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