John Kerry for President

Real leadership on all the issues

Hello. Welcome to my website. I want to explain here why I think Senator John Kerry
of Massachusetts would be the best possible candidate for the Democratic Party
to nominate for President in 2004, and why he will make the best possible President
that the American people could elect next year.

I know that many Democrats and other Americans who opposed the war in Iraq
consider Senator Kerry's vote for the Congressional resolution authorizing the use
of force in Iraq to be a significant reason for not supporting him.
I opposed the war also. I want to explain how I think that the question of who opposed
the war in Iraq is or is not a criterion for deciding whether or not to support a particular
candidate for President. It certainly isn't the only one, and it should not be the primary one.

I also want to explain how there are a whole range of issues and problems where the
American people need leadership from our next President, and how John Kerry
has developed detailed positions on these issues that are solid reasons for believing
that he will be able to provide the leadership that we need. I also want to give more
information on his background that will back this up. Please click on the links below
for information on each topic.


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