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January 2006

Hi everyone...  sadly I don't have much to update as our computer at home STILL sucks!!  I'm here at my Mom and Dad's again updating quickly while my Dad keeps Josh occupied.

I have given up on updating all the stuff I used to, so this page will eventually have a new look to it.

I haven't been able to update my Josh page this time, but I can give you the quick lowdown...  he's 30 pounds and 33.5 inches tall.  It's so much fun to be with him b/c now he's actually able to communicate with me properly.  His vocabulary is growing every day, he already knows lots of words!  And he's very polite, he says thank you every time you give him something.  He's out of his high chair and into his booster seat...  he tells me when he needs a bum change...  he's basically awesome!  Sure he has his moments, and what child doesn't?  But the good times definitely outweigh the bad...

If you want to check out my space on MSN, go to http://spaces.msn.com/members/GGiggy1975.  I will probably update that page more than this one, and I plan to update it this weekend with some pictures and stuff.

Feel free to sign the guestbook!  I know my page is kinda boring, but I am trying my best to keep it cool.   Or if you're bored check out the literary page for a good read ;-)  I'll be updating that shortly, too, with my latest story called "The Vibe."  I'll let you know when it's there so you can all read it!

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This is a page dedicated to me, my friends and family - basically my life.  

Special thanks to everyone who has sent me their updated information so I could update their pages under the "Friends & Family" section of my site.  I know you all love to read about yourselves ;-)  To those of you who haven't sent me theirs yet, you're lucky I'm a patient girl :-)


If you click on the link, you'll be taken to my fun literary page which has links to some of the stories I've written.

If you want to read all about my fascinating life (har har!!), click here.

Blast From the Past - this is just a page with some pictures of me that I thought would be fun to put on my page.

Here is a link that's dedicated to my years in Golden Jazz - my high school Jazz Choir. We were jussttt a group of kids who loved to sing...

The following page is dedicated to the man I love - Jeff and here is a link to photos from our wedding.

The following page will take you to links about my friends and family - who they are and what they mean(t) to me... friends&family.

This page is called Memories.  Here you will find pictures and stories from all the fun times I've shared with my friends and family....

Here is a link to Liz's super cool website.  I especially like the page she wrote about me ;-)

Here is a link to my Archives section, which is where I'm going to put old stuff

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