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OK,here ya go!This is why they call me ponyrider!
I have 2 Mares that I like real well for trailriding,they are both about 14.hd's.
And then you put my boyfriend on his 16.hd gelding next to me and this is what ya see!
Iam riding a pony....

Ok,now its time to hit the trails.
This is some of the people we trailride with.This is a campground
we stay at and ride in the State Forrest

This is a rest stop.Everyone brings their own refreshments
These are a few of our friends we like to ride with

Our horses like this part,too!
The one looking like she cant go any further, This is her first big ride
and as you can see it shows...lol

This is some more of our trail Buddie's
They trail ride all over the central US
Would'nt you like to have a State Park(with all the trail you can handle)
for your back yard.Thats what these guys have.....

We even have a good time when it rains on us

Here we go again,back down the trail!
As you can see,I ride bigger Horses too....lol

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