Gainesville (GH3)

             Hash House Harriers

                            Gainesville H3 is the original and

                          oldest hash in Gainesville.

                        Join us for some fun.

We hash on Saturdays, usually about once a month. Runs are posted below.

Please visit the other hash in Gainesville's website, the Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners (GATHRH3)

Saturday, August 25--Peace, Love, and Virgins Trail

Starting: 5pm 

Location: near the tennis courts/small stadium off 2nd Ave behind the Law School

Attire: Hippie wear, dude! Groovy threads and Tie-dye...

What to bring: VIRGINS, whistle, ID & money for extra credit, recruiting smiles, fun attitude, $7 hash cash, VIRGINS, swim suit, towel, change of clothes/dry bag, floatation if you cant swim

If no run is posted and you want to hash with us, please contact Studmuffin, GM of the Gainesville Hash, at GH3 Hash