"Suddenly I'm taller, your smaller, I am reborn!"
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Brief Update: I am lame- I forgot i had this. I am really going to try to improve my page- is it weird that by searching "Guys Mushroom Pictures" on google, it takes you to this page? Uhhhh....
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Long hair on girls, MY '69 Cougar, MONKEYS!, Rex, My family, My friends, My Pumpkin, BUSH PARKING! (
Please the read the poem), Cucumbers, Corn on the cob, Strawberries, thinking clearly, Angry Girl Music, the proper use of sarcasm, internet surveys, any movie with Nicole Kidman, Dark suntans, New Beetles, BIF NAKED
Long hair on guys, mushrooms, fake people, slimy old men, the Aztek car, Jerry from Survivor, how unphotogenic i am, braces (which i have), Rex peeing on the floor, cancer, aids, deadly/crippling diseases, the guy i dated last summer,  Angry Man music, Matt Cobb, Smart asses.
General Info about ME!
Name: Shwy
Nicknames:Princess, Monkey, Blondie
Email: galactic_blonde@yahoo.com
Place Of birth:Burnaby B.C.
Age:ALMOST 19!
Sign: Leo BABY!
# of piercings: 6 soon to be 7
#of tattoos:0, not so soon to be 1
Parents: Ron and Dianne (they rule!)
Siblings: Alannah the Terrible
Significant other: Matt The Pumpkin
# of pets:3, rex and 2 birds
IM: ashleigh_turner@hotmail.com
Freedom of speech? HELLS YEAH!  Visit my Blog, or get one of your own!
My Favorite Places on WWW:

Sissy Fight: www.sissyfight.com
What is it? A great place to relive your elementary school experience.

The Spark: www.thespark.com
What is it? A place to find out about yourself, and have a good laugh all at the same time

Emode: www.emode.com
What is it? A place to find out weird things about yourself. If you like internet tests, this is the place for you!

The Wench's Place: www.oocities.com/pretzelwench
What is it? Wenchie's Homepage, One of my closest friends, we link back and forth to eachothers pages. Go check her out, and leave her a note in her guest book. She'll love you forever!

BLOG!!: www.blogger.com
What is it? It's basically an online journal. Read other people's, or start your very own. I find it quite relaxing to write about my issues.....why not give it a try?

Morpheous: www.musiccity.com
What is it? Morpheous is the new way that i download my mp3's.....as well as any program that i need! Software, Music, Documents....everything. YAY!

Napster: www.napster.com
What is it? If you are one of the 2 people on earth who haven't heard of Napster, and what it is, then i urge you to find out yourself

My Personal Savior
: www.marthastewart.com
What is it?I'm Mad about Martha! She is SO amazing. Everything she does is perfect. Love her or hate her, she's good at what she does, and i don't care whether she is at risk of being indited over fraud....She's still my hero.

Work: www.vanlawn.com
Can i really even consider this work? I get paid to do this? Ye-haw

PARTY: www.clubvibes.com
Awesome place, sign up, be a member, get cool discounts at clubs!
PS: If you like this, then visit my RANT page!
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