Chasing Rainbows... and storms

Collect Stuff?  Me too..

I have always been crazy about those 80s dolls.  It all started with the discovery of a box of my old things from when I was a kid. My interest was further sparked with some lucky thrift store finds, and then I discovered ebay... Some of my particular favorites:

My Weakness!

I'm especially facinated with design artwork, prototypes, limited release items, and other unique or otherwise difficult to find items. As a result of kicking around fan forums since 1999 and ebay since January 2000, I've been lucky enough to stumble upon the existance of quite a bit of collector information. I try to pass on anything particularly interesting whenever possible (especially if it is something I really wondered about or searched for information on myself as a beginning collector) because I honestly love helping out other fans and doll collectors. Even if you are not as insane as me, if you ever have a question about collecting or a particular doll, I am always MORE than happy to try and help!

Another weakness I have is buing stuff on ebay in a somewhat compulsive fashion... I can't seem to stop! I REALLY love fixing up and completing dolls, and making my own customs. As a result, I sometimesSELLstuff on ebay as well! :D

I've put together a few information pages (ebay guides below) in response to my own searches regarding various dolls that I have become interested in, and in order to help other collectors that may have trouble finding a good source of fast info.  Please check them out below and let me know if you like them, or even if I've missed something or you were looking for something else! (keep in mind ebay limits the guides to 10 pics, so I've had to get a little creative squeezing them in there) please also let me know if I've missed something :D

Favorite Links
Strawberry Shortcake fan page!
ANOTHER fun Strawberry page
Seriously my favorite site for quick information for LOTS of 80s dolls -very complete!