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I hope you find moments of serenity here…
Stay awhile... I'd like to share this part of my life with you...

For a few moments, think of all the things you love.

As for me, I adore...

...candles to light against the backdrop of evening,

logs in the fireplace to whisper peace,

the homely aroma of freshly baked bread from the kitchen,

Christmas trees and Christmas lights,

and ornaments made by the children,

featherbeds and quilts to warm and comfort us into sweet dreams,

the touch of a loved one’s hand,

old-fashioned collies, guilt-ridden hounds,

cats who come calling, then stay…

all things small and helpless…

ceiling-high shelves of great books all in a row,

a mountain range to echo the sounds of an incoming tide.

And memories…

memories of times past,

of slipper-soft Southern nights when we listened

 to sweet singing, from wooden porch chairs

and watched the moon rise, tattered by cypress,

crossed by swift-winged creatures.

… Sunday School,
revivals, camp-meetings
and coming to faith…


Links for intuitives


DeepSky free observational software,

Creation Science with NASA images,

Alfred Lord Tennyson,

Tolkien’s Elvish language,

 Dawnsea, poetess and anchoress (did she exist?)

 Samuel Clemens’ unsettling "War Prayer",

Who Is Jesus?

Campus Crusade for Christ

Four Spiritual Laws

 Bible Online

Genealogy Sites


Music You Will Love - click on the links and be sure your speakers are turned on.

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The Music of the Night,

Bannockburn (Braveheart)

Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire,

Somewhere In Time

The Western Wall,


My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)

My family history

Some of these sites are under construction.

My European ancestry

My Colonial American and Confederate ancestry

left: our family home in Moultrie, Georgia, before it was destroyed by fire;
right:  its reconstruction by my great-grandparents
in Lakeland, Florida, 1917.

About Me

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Thank you for making it possible
for my web site to receive these awards.



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