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My goal is a simple but firm commitment to quality first.  What this truly means is if I can't do the job right.... I won't do it at all.  My time has been spent on perfecting a group of talents instead of trying to become a "Jack of all trades - Master of none".  This all adds up to nothing but the best for my customers, period.  We are driven to exceed your, the customers, expectations of quality and satisfaction.

I am very thankful to those that have helped me along the way:

Rene Martinez:  I had the chance to watch Rene work at Charley’s Guitars in Dallas TX.  I learned a lot about fret work, and set up during this time.  Rene went on to become SRV’s guitar tech.  Last I knew of he has now began to work with Carlos Santana.

Mike Stevens:  He was the first repairman hired by "Fenders" custom shop.  His perfection for finish detail is incredible.

Randy Wood:  His easy going manner and patience tolerated the millions of questions I asked.  Randy has a huge following of major artists from Nashville - where he formed the original GTR guitar shop that later became Gruin’s Guitars.

I have also learned what not to do from others as well.  This is what inspires me to only do the best.  And how important it is to do the job right the first time.

Quality - Fair prices - Timely repairs. That is what you expect, and we deliver.


Michael Galan Hatcher

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