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AM CH/UKC GR. CH. Gala Eloquence


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Gala strongly advocates responsible breeding and pet ownership

At Gala, I take great pride in breeding shelties that excel in temperament, structure, soundness and health. While my primary focus is breeding shelties for AKC events such as conformation or performance events, I recognize that first and foremost, a sheltie should be a pleasure to live with!!

I breed only with the intention of improving the breed and with the goal of always moving closer towards perfection as described by the breed standard, written by the ASSA and adopted by the American Kennel Club.

I specialize in breeding AOACs, meaning "any other allowed color", which includes the tri merles, bi blues, tri colors and bi blacks.



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Gala O'Sure Blue On Blue



Gala Moonlight Liaison, CGC


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Tony's Story

Read about how rescue saves the lives of countless shelties everyday

For more information on sheltie rescue:

Email: galaken@aol.com

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