"A small chance at life is worth the risk of dying sooner."


Born on the eve of three full moons, this peasant beauty was the eldest of a family of five children. She was charged with care of most of her siblings for most of her life but when she turned seventeen something changed. She saw a Panther Girl while she was shopping, she was being dragged into town by two guards, a master in front of them. She looked sorely beaten. A collar rested around her neck. She looked like she had completely given up her freedom, but in one quick move her hand slipped into her hair puling out two pins she cast them into the guards on either side of her causing them to fall to the ground. The master turned pulling his bow off his shoulder knocking an arrow as the Panther Girl ran to the gates of the city. Asteria watched in awe as the PG ran for her freedom, the arrow from the bow being released into flight behind her. The arrow was true and it cut her down were she stood.
Days later Asteria could only think about that Panther Girl and the way she had sacrificed her life for freedom till finally one night she stole out of her house during the night with a few of her father's sleen knives that she strapped to her thighs, a couple poison pins which she slipped into her hair like the PG had done days before. And a special weapon up her sleeve, of long metal thread attached to a poisoned tipped pin. She left through one of the windows of her house and snuck out of the gates of her Homestone of Ar as the sun set on the day. She wandered for nights till she arrived finally at the edge of a Panther Girl camp. She made it through the first line of traps getting caught in the second line. She escaped this trap to a tree limb were a tassa dart shot by one of the members of the camp hit her causing her to fall into slumber. She was caught bound, and than released allowed to stay in the camp as a guest to one of the PG's. Days later her host collared her.

Part 2
With the subsequent break up of the pack and the disappearance of Asteria's mistress, Asteria once again found herself free.  Of course this didn't last long as one day a man invaded her camp and bipassed her traps.  Slipping into a tree she began to knock an arrow but a tassa dart cut her down from the tree before she could even aim.  He took tried his best after that to make her his slave but she wouldn't have it unable to give up her freedom as a panther.  He finally took her to be trained by a man specializing in jira training.  She after awhile began to doubt her existence as a panther but one of her masters slaves reminded her why she wanted her freedom so badly when they fought.  Days later she was given the chance to return to the forests by her master in which she had no plans on returning.  Pissing off a master and a mistress she suddenly had five people looking for her life so she escaped deep within the depths of the northern forests into the swamps.  Camped between the thick brush and quick sand she stayed alone for many moons before finally exiting the forests satisfied she had hidden long enough,  She looks to exact vengeance now on those who forced her into her bonds and beat the kings out of that slave she lost too.