This page arrived on April 8th, 2001

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-Wow, I (Ami-chan) finally updated.

-Fixed e-mail addresses o_o

-Updated Mercury's Profile

*Ami-chan is lazy... plus, I have school now... -_-;*


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Welcome loyal followers... I praise you for arriving at my royal palace. Unfortunately, there is no escape...


No, no, no! She doesn't mean it! I want to you welcome you to our website. We are your guides, Mercury and Galaxia. Our page is full of information and excitement. Enjoy!


I command you to click me [Galaxia]

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As much as we wish, we don't own Sailormoon at all. =( [You don't, but I do! :evil laughter:] ...yeah... As I was saying... Sailormoon belongs to DiC,CWi, Mixx, Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha Ltd, Toei Animation, and probably a bunch of other people!