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The Jedi Assembly Banner

I had a blast doing this dinosaur mural in my nephew's room... hanging out on a ladder slapping glossy red paint on the wall! Lord help the person who has to paint over this thing when the little guy gets sick of it! Anyway... here's the lake, and the cave, and the big scary monster birds... and of course Daddy had to be included in the fun, so the nekked cave lady (obviously a seperate piece of sheetrock) enjoyed her stay in the cave for about ten minutes before the kid moved in. Now she resides happily in bro-in-law's basement, probably somewhere in the vicinity of the dart board.

Update! The family in the preceding blurb has since moved and the lovely mural is now the backdrop of the new residents' bar-room. Nice to know. Not sure about the cave lady. :D

... and this
Space Station was just an experiment in Bryce3D (remember Bryce3D???). Yeah I know, I know... Ben Kenobi was right, "that's no moon..." Blah!

Drawings, mixed media... yes, there really is more than one---- but not here... yet... really!

Pastel Pencil

Occasionally (ok, quite often)... I suffer from severe bouts of prolific writing. I can't help it... it may be terminal. I was in a really bizarre mood when I wrote this bit of verse. I call it
Araby Again and in case you're wondering, the word Araby refers to the short story of that title by James Joyce, and the story’s implications.You can find it in his book of short stories called Dubliners. I strongly suggest reading it sometime... it's short; hence it's ease on the attention span!

Did I mention it was short?

Yes, I'm obsessed... slightly!
Jedi profile

Check out these costumes from previous years at Dragon-Con, Halloween, etc.

Aurra Sing! My alter-ego. Heheheh...

Just for Fun

StarWars Stuff
Now here's an observation that
Xana and I made the other day while watching (or in this case, butchering) Attack of the Clones frame by frame. We noticed a little blunder in the Geonosian hangar scene during the lightsaber fight between the Jedi and Count Dooku. It seems that even though the lightsaber that Obi-Wan reaches for with the Force is the same saber that he tosses to Anakin, the one that actually flies through the air appears to be Obi-Wan's own lightsaber, the one he lost when he was first captured on Geonosis. Anyone else pick this up?
Then, when Anakin catches it with his left hand and ignites it, we assume that the blade is blue because the other one that he's already holding in his right hand is green. You follow me?
Ok... so then in the next frame, suddenly they're switched. The green one is in his left hand and the blue one is in his right, and that's how the fight goes on. Maybe we could imagine that he quickly shuffled them between hands...
BUT... then we see that he is still holding Obi-Wan's lightsaber in his left hand... but the blade is now green.
Likewise, the weapon in his right hand, the one that he started with, is still the same saber hilt, but the blade color has changed to blue!
Then, when Dooku hits the left-hand saber and cuts it in half, it is the same one that Obi-Wan had originally reached for that we see land, smoking in pieces on the hangar floor.
Hmmm... did they think that we wouldn't notice this? Or more like... would they care if we did?

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