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Click on the Senshi who's pictures you would like to view.  Until I get more pictures some of the characters will be doubled up. The thumbnails might take a while to load, but, I personally think you'll find some great images here.  As I personally know its a pain in the @$$ to wait for picture pages to load and than when you do view the image, most of them are really small.  Well, that's just something that gets on my nerves sometimes....Anyways... Feel free to take any images you like, but it would be nice if you could include a link back to my page under the link section on your site. 
  IMPORTANT:  All of the lovely pictures of the Sailor Moon couples (Haruka and Michiru, Mamoru and Usagi, Helios & Chibiusa, Usagi & Seiya, etc.)  have been moved to my other website.  So now when you visit the Uranus and Neptune Gallery you will only see pictures of them indiviually.  To see them as a couple, go to the other site.
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