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*Coming soon: links!! thx for hitting up my page! please have fun lookin around my site, and feel free to leave me ur comments in my guestbook or u can also email me! for now this site will do, since it's created by pure HTML, when i get frontpage i will definitely update this site. so be sure to come back often and check out the updates. *note: i would appreciate it if people don't come and take my images, ideas, and layouts without asking, however, if anyone needs help on their page, i would be happy to help. just ask. otherwise, enjoy ur stay! baibai!

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click here if u wanna check out my info on what i like, my hobbies, my dislikes and other cool facts...

thoughts N opinions

this page contains my thoughts and my opinions on certains subjects, like AA and such. if u feel like u're gonna be offend by thing things i say, then i suggest u don't visit this page. otherwish i hope u enjoy my sense of humor!


finally, what everyone's been waitin' for...check to see if u're in here! if not, im sorry and let me know so i can add u! if i like u that is...jj

what!?!? leavin' already?? well i don't blame ya my page is so sucky...well thanx again for visitin' and if u have any questions or comments please email me or sign my guestbook. oh yeah and don't forget to come back soon for updates! latez!

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