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Musical acoustics, history of musical acoustics
Piano: acoustical, musical and technological history
Cross-modal effects in music performance and perception
Interaction of musical pitch and timbre
Concept of musical instrument' and tone quality
Piano acoustics vs. design and technology
Reproducing pianos
Musical instrument identification
Tones overlap and interaction in music
Role of time resolution parameters of the ear in music perception
My family
Poetry, epigrams

Some of what I did:

Born: Yes!! I really was...

I asked De Gaulle - but he did not answer...

My CV is somewhere here...

Concise list of my scientific publications

My unpublished research works

Some published poetry translations

Psychology of Touch and Tone. Click for some related info

What is really different in
large grand vs. small upright pianos? Click for
some information

Can the pianist control the timbre of a tone?
Why fast passages in the treble piano range appear "glassy"?
How the iron frame sounds?
Is it easy to have the pianist tell truth about the instrument?
These and other questions were discussed in my Russian book Quality of Piano Tones

Many research works on musical acoustics were done in Russia and USSR
- read in English the "Russian (Soviet) bibliography on musical acoustics"

My INHarmonic CALCulator

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