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   The dishes of Ukrainian cuisine are highly aromatic and contain a wide variety of herbs and spices, including garlic, parsley, dill, mint, mustard, pepper and cinnamon.   As an appetizing starter, slices of fresh cucumber and tomato together with cooked meats and cheese are often served, or a delicate salad containing chicken or crab meat.   A soup, frequently borshch or solyanka, the latter being a very filling and flavoursome meat or fish soup containing olives and slices of lemon, follows this.   In addition to the many different meat dishes, for example pork or chicken stuffed with mushrooms or vegetables, and stew with potatoes and vegetables, fish as carp or trout is also often offered as a main course. Bread is provided with all savoury dishes and is of a high quality.  When dining with guests, either wine or vodka and mineral water is usually drunk.

    Borshch is Ukrainian beet soup. Other spellings for "borshch" are "borsch" or "borscht". Every visitor to Ukraine will have tasted this dish many times. It is served in many variations with up to 25 different ingredients, and usually contains either beef, chicken, dumplings stuffed with meat or mushrooms or vegetables. Many families have their own recipe.

One of many variations of borshch is following:

    Fill a 4 litre pan with 3 litres of water or meat stock, 3 whole peeled beetroot as well as one sliced carrot, and boil for 30 minutes. Then add 6 potatoes peeled and quartered lengthwise, and 2 handfuls of thinly sliced white cabbage and let the soup boil for a further 30 min. Lift the beetroot out of the liquid and grate it into fine slices. Slice an onion and fry it gently in butter. When the onions are soft, add a dessertpoonful of flour and tomato puree and 200g of sour cream mix well and heat the mixture through. Now stir the grated beetroot and 2-4 finely chopped garlic cloves into the onion mixture. Add this onion-beetroot mixture as well as a handful of choped chives, salt and pepper to taste and 1 or 2 bay leaves to the soup and let the soup simmer for a further 15 min. Shortly before serving, add a few slices of red pepper and serve the borshch with dark bread.


  • Varenyky (or pyrohy or perogies) are dough pockets filled with potato, or potato and cheddar cheese,or kapusta (sauerkraut), or cottage cheese, or blueberries, orcherries, or... Ukrainian varenyky are boiled and resemble tovarious degrees Polish pierogi, Russian pilmeni, Italian ravioli, Jewish kreplach, or Chinese wonton. Varenyky are very often served with onions and sour cream. The word "varenyky" is used throughout Ukraine.The singular form of "varenyky" is "varenyk".  The singular form of "pyrohy" is "pyrih". The word "perogies" is a Canadianization/Americanization of "pyrohy".
  •  Holubtsi are Ukrainian cabbage rolls. The filling is mainly rice with a small amount of hamburger (unlike other East European cabbage rolls which are mainly hamburger with a small amount of rice). Cabbage leaves are steamed tomake them soft and then the filling is added. The holubtsi are placed in a large pot, covered with tomato soup (or sauce) and baked. The word "holub" in Ukrainian means "dove", and holubtsi are in the shape of a dove.
  • Borshch is Ukrainian beet soup. Other spellings for "borshch" are "borsch" or "borscht."
  • Kutya is a Christmas eve mixture of cooked wheat, poppyseed, and honey, served cold as a thick slightly liquid mixture.
  • Nalysnyky are the Ukrainian version of crepes.
  • Kovbasa is smoked Ukrainian ham sausage.
  • Horilka is the Ukrainian word for vodka.
  • Kyshka is a sausage made from buckwheat and blood.
  • Pyvo is the Ukrainian word for beer.
This page gives the lyrics to the song B-O-R-S-H-C-H
All about ukrainian vodka Horilka
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