The Game Shrine Updates

April 30, 2002

I actually worked on the Sephiroth layout today!!  Shocking, I know!!  I just need to add his Stats and some basic information about him, then... I've got to find some fan art of Sephi.  Damn... that sucks.  I have screen shots, though.  And that page is done.  I've just got to work more on it.

I've updated my links page.  Added a couple new links to new places, taking down some old stuff.  Finally, yeah I know. <--- You all should visit, even though I need to organize it better.  Still, the site rocks.  (Mostly b/c Tyson made a cool layout for it... Thanks, Tyson)

Tidus layout pissed me off.  So I'm like ignoring it right now.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do a Wakka shrine anymore.  I like him, but not that much.  I -am- going to be doing an Auron shrine, though.

That's about it for now.

~*Julie, xoxo

April 28, 2002

I made a new Squall Layout.  So that's all done.  Its much prettier then the one I had up before.  Except you MUST be in 1024x768 to view it properly...

My web site is up and running.  For those that want to see it.  I've still got to organize it better.  The organization sucks.  And you've gotta scroll for like 5 hours to get to the bottom of one of the pages... not good for visitors. *shakes head* ... So, I've gotta do something better.

Tyson is making an Auron (maybe Tidus and Wakka will be in the layout too) layout for the Game Shrine!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, something new!!!!!  What I have up right now is nice.  I mean, Tyson made that first layout too.  

Fuck, I STILL have to go finish that Seph layout.  I mean, its finished, I just need to add the content.  Hyne I'm lazy.  Sorry everyone.  Maybe some day...

And I'm working on the Tidus layout.  But it sucked, so I'm going to start over and try something else.

I'm still writing fanfictions.  But right now I'm sorta going slow b/c school has stressed me out.  I think was the best thing in the entire world for me to join.  I meet Wonderful_Failure there.  He's the best influence in my life right now.  *hugs* ... Shane, you are soooooo awesome!!!

School sucks.  I wish I was moving to Washington this summer instead of next.  But I've got to wait and get hella good grades... then I can move.  Ew... life sucks...

I'm still obsessed with FF8.  That game rocks... I don't care what anyone else says... :P!!!

~*Julie, xoxo

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