The Gameboy Internet Project
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What Is The Gameboy Internet Project

Designs Originally (C) Of The Nova Entertainment Gameboy Devlopment Team.

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The Gameboy Internet Will Test The Extreme Limits Of The Gameboy Hardware.  The Project Hopes To Bring Gameboy Players Into A Network Where They Can Chat, E-Mail, And Play Games Online Against Each Other.

The Original Creators Of This Project Have Discontinued It So Your Are Free To Do What You Wish With This Page.


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-High Color! Pallete Features For Gameboy Color Users
-56k Internet Connections
-Online Gaming domain hosting
-Mini Game Downloading
-Possible Wireless Modem Connections

Beta Design Pictures

This Pictures Shows How The Internet Service Might Look.  It Would Inclube A Basic Address Input Line And A Basic Webviewer Window.

This Picture Shows The Download Cartridge And The Main Boot Cartridge.  The Download Cart. Would Allow Users To Download Mini Games To A Cartridge To Play.  The Main Cart Would Store Boot Info. For The Net.  The Main Cart Would Attach To The Underside Port Of The Download Cartridge.

Now On To The Final And Most Important Picture That Displays Just How The Gameboy Would Be Able To Connect To The Internet.  The Phone Line Would Be Made From A Link Cable And A Regular Telephone Line Cord.

You Are Free To Use Any Of These Designs In Any Way You Want.  They Were Created By The Now Deteriorated Nova Entertainment Gameboy Development Team.  We Can Not Be Held Liable For Any Damage Caused By Trying This Project.  The Gameboy Internet Project (C) 2000 NovaGBDev.