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Gamesmark Welcome to Gamesmark!

Thanks for visiting Gamesmark: the best source for Nintendo and PC games around! Or so we like to think. Now covering all three Nintendo consoles as well as the PC, the expanded Gamesmark should be your number one source for all things gaming related. Be sure to check out our new reviews and hints pages, as well as the two new downloads. New features and editorials are also on their way, so keep watching this space!
Give us your feedback! Guestbook

We've actually had a guestbook up and running for a couple of months, but have had very few signings to date, so we've decided to give it a bit of a plug on the front page! After you've had a look around the site, please give us any and all your feedback by signing the guestbook, or see what other people think by reading it! Kindly avoid profanity, since I hate having to delete posts...
WarCraft III maps Downloads

There are two new downloads on the downloads page at last, and both are WarCraft III multiplayer maps designed for some intense multiplayer matches! Still available are our three-part StarCraft campaign, and some Dark Reign and StarCraft multiplayer maps to boot. Enjoy!
This picture has little to do with the editorial topic, but who'd notice anyway? Editorials

Our newest editorial is about the save systems in many recent games, and how not to design a game saving method... Check it out! You'll also find several other editorials on the editorials page as well.
Reviews Reviews

Our reviews pages now cover PC games, Gamecube games, Gameboy games and Nintendo 64 games, with more than 60 games covered in total!
Contact Us! Email Gamesmark

We're always more than pleased to get your emails, so please drop us a line for any reason you desire! Whether it be to give us your opinion on the site itself, what you'd like to see or anything you find confusing, or whether you want more information on a particular game, or even if you want to yell abuse at us, just get in touch!

Last updated: Saturday November 15th, 2003