The Greatest Video Games - Revisited
This site is dedicated to what I believe are the greatest video games ever... and some of the worst as well.

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Slig has reviewed Zombies Ate My Neighbors[Sega]

Slig has reviewed Pool of Radiance[NES]

The Greatest Games Ever!
Rating Comparison
A comparison of all the ratings given to the games by the different reviewers.
Greatest games from systems such as the Turbo Gphx16 and arcade games... maybe Atari or somethin.
Computer Games
I need a copy of Leisure Suit Larry.
Nintendo Entertainment System
Greatest games from the greatest system ever.
Nintendo 64
Ah the Nintendo 64. Like 64 Nintendos in one... sorta.
Sega Genesis
The mid 90's answer to Super Nintendo:the system for 4-year-olds.
Super Nintendo
the system for 4-year-olds.
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