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The Latest Site News

Please if you have any games to add then e-mail us at gamesguruuk@yahoo.co.uk, any general comments about the site are also welcome.

2nd April

Today we're still building much of the site. Most of the pages have been outlined, now all we have to do is fill them in.

3rd April

We have added reviews for alien adoption agency and also shadowmere, have a read although it is a long read but screen shots are soon to come.

5th April

The Shadowmere help section has been started, and the racial basic stats table is now up. Other help sections are being planned.

6th April

Added 2 photos of the GamesGuru's, and a chat room has been added to the site. There will be an arranged time soon when visitors can talk to the GameGuru's and offer suggestions, new games, etc.

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