Welcome, folks to my bio page.  On this page, you can learn the good and fascinating things that happened to me in my life, as well as my interests, and likes and dislikes.

Hi, folks, my name is Jason Larsen.  I have been a big fan of game shows for a long time, and that is an interest which I will not lose.  In my mind, people think of me as someone who is kind of laid back, and kind of excited at times.  No matter when I think about the fact that I am alive, I still am happy some of the time and mad other times.  Following is a brief bio of me.

Hi, my name is Jason Larsen.  I was born on September 22, 1986 in Seattle, Washington.  I was not born like most of you in this world.  I was 3 months premature on a respirator.  I am very lucky that I am still around because I almost didn't "make it."  When I was 4 years old, I was in the hospital and the doctors diagnosed me with cerebral palsy.  That means that the messages in my legs do not come to my brain like a normal person's do.  However, these words are not coming from my mother.  I can talk, and I have a huge amount of potential for independence.

When I was 8, going on 9 years old, I moved to Albany, New York because my mother was interested in getting her degree in criminal justice.  There were some very, very good things about my life at that time.  I felt like people who I didn't know were coming up to me and saying "hi."  People were accepting the fact that I am a friendly person, and that is very nice.  I felt like I was getting to know these people a little better.  I was making a little social progress.

I lived in Albany until March 30, 2001.  Then, I moved to a city called Gloversville, New York.  To make a sentence short and sweet, it was pressure that worried my mother.  I live with 10 very nice people.  Here are my likes and dislikes.

Favorite foods:

Anything Italian
Chicken (If you ask me, I'm a breast person)
Any bean dishes
Ice Cream
Chocolate Candy (I like both Hersheys and anything similar to Lady Godivas)

Favorite Singers and Groups

James Taylor
John Denver (RIP)
Johnny Mathis
The Eagles
Destiny's Child
Janet Jackson (It's positively wise for her to have less plastic surgery, and for it not to affect her as much as it affected Michael)
Herb Alpert (Yeah, I love boppin' to that '60s woodwind).