Time and time again, you see a couple of stupid game show contestants on a wide variety of game shows.  For example, on an episode of "Wheel of Fortune," the puzzle board displayed DON _ICKLES.  A rather dumb game show contestant called a P.  If you love entertainment, you know that the correct puzzle solution was DON RICKLES.  On "Family Feud," one of the Fast Money questions was "Name a department in a supermarket."  Another stupid contestant said "lingerie."  However, from the night of January 24, 2002 on, nothing can compare to this.

Blake Boularice, a contestant on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" on the night above, who claimed to be a student at Harvard, was really smart, but extremely overcautious.  He used all his lifelines relatively early and wasted one of them.  Unquestionably, the cream of the crop occured last night.  Blake, who said he was a smart man and sounded like he meant it, was asked in what Italian city are the Trevi fountains are located.  Brace yourselves, people, the rest of this story is really scary.  Blake cursed and was bleeped on national television.  He said that if he stopped at $4,000, people would think he was stupid.  Much to everyone's surprise, he stopped at $8,000.  I don't think it was a very good idea for him to stop at $8,000.  Harvard students are supposed to be smart.  Even though he is a smart guy, and I would have loved to see him win, I loved to see him go.  Oh, my! Last night's debacle had me in shock for the rest of the night.  In short, if stupid contestants don't shape up, they will be mighty embarrassed