My Acquaintace Inquisitor Page FAQ

Hello, everybody.  This is simply a site that lists the reasons why I made my own websites.  I think you would all like to know.  I usually don't always speak to you much by word of mouth.  This is a site that gives, to put it in the exact way, information.  The questions follow.

Why did I make...

1.  My Bio Page - To let you all know who I was and tell you a little bit about me.  FYI, there are girls and women who I like a lot, one of them being the lead singer of Destiny's Child, Beyonce Knowles.  I also like most of the students in school.  I look up to them a lot.  However, mystery women, I am not ready for any big relationship yet.  I'm only 15, although there are some girls I like a lot who are older than 15
2.  What Christmas Means To Me As Far As Game Shows Go - Shows what a good feeling I have during the Christmas season.  Evidence comes from the fact that I got digital cable for my 14th birthday.
3.  Million Dollar Game Show Craze - Will It Be Around For Very Long? - Article I wrote for the school newspaper of Philip Livingston Magnet Academy in Albany, New York.  Again, I thank Mr. Davis, my 7th grade social studies teacher, and head of the journalism club, for making the needed revisions to that article.
4.  My Game Show Opinions - Tells my opinions about game shows.
5.  My Game Show Pictures - Every good game show page should havee a link to a pictures page.  Pictures familiarize your sense of respect for glitziness of some game shows.  Who could let anyone know any better through their word of mouth.  The saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."
6.  My Game Show Sounds - My page deserved more of a multimedia look, and in my opinion, you don't know how good a game show host is until you hear them.  Ross Shafer, a fellow Seattleite (besides me,) mostly expressed his friendliness through the Christmas episode of "Match Game '90."  You gotta love a guy who says, "Hi there, everybody, thank you very much for coming."  Still, my page deserved more or a multimedia look.
7.  The Match Game Show - You guessed it, my favorite of all my original pages I've created.  I dreamed that an executive of Pearson TV, who steered the ship after Mark Goodson died, in I believe 1994, hired me to host The Match Game Show, a gameshow themed version of Match Game.  It's one of the best hosting gigs I've ever gotten.  Though it may seem that whatever went on in The Match Game Show was unrehearsed, I tried to make it rehearsed and make up my own words in game show lingo.  Side note:  I could not accept "Survey says" for "Survey said" because says and said are not the same word.
8.  My Game Show Lineup Proposal - Tells that I think Pax TV should havee a more quality game show lineup.  Jim Perry, Bert Convy, Pat Sajak, and Chuck Woolery are very dedicated men.  So, Jeff, they deserve lots of TLC and kind words, GIVE THEM SOME!!
9.  My Game Show Riddles - For enjoyment.
10.  The Story of a True Coward - Shows just how dumb a game show conteestant you can be, and how the host can react when you push his buttons again and again and again until he just can't take it anymore.
11.  My Chair Documents - Tells about a game show that definitely deserved more of a chance on the airwaves, and then tells about the first time someone had ever mastered that show's particular skill.  Kris Macker, I commend you, and your effort against the chair was positively valiant.
12.  Revivals of Classics and Syndie Incarnations - This page lists all game shows that I think need to be revived, and my improved twists to syndicated game shows.  So far, I have the daily syndicated "Weakest Link" with Jim Caldwell and "Family Feud" with Paul Reiser