In My Game Show Opinion

This is a page that tells about my game show opinions. They are mine and mine alone. I apologize if I am offending you with some of them.

D.J. Games is awful! One of the reasons why is because it has a theme song that is one of the worst game show theme songs I have ever heard. In the opening part of the theme song, the totally clueless bad people are singing "D.J.!" and then this really pathetic moderately-paced music comes on that sounds like an electric guitar thrown in the garbage, and then they sing, "D.J. Games!"

The Mole moving to Tuesdays! Boo, people are out partying on Fridays and they don't want to see "Millionaire."

One of the funniest things I've ever seen on a game show is when once Ray Combs played a joke on a family who had more than 200 points in the Fast Money Round on "Family Feud." Ray then started asking them questions like :"Name a handsome game show host," and "Who was Curly's wife?" before they finally realized they got 200 points in the Fast Money round.

I think it was a great idea for Pearson to bring back "Card Sharks" and I think the fact that the game will be reformatted as part acey-deucey and part man-on-the-street game is a great new element to this particular version of Card Sharks.

I'm not too pleased with the fact that Ben Stein has to stand in front of his podium looking so stolid at the beginning of the second round on "Win Ben Stein's Money." "Win Ben Stein's Money" is a comedy game show and Ben Stein deserves to laugh.

Kitty Carlisle on the 2000 version of To Tell The Truth? Boo! She's slower in speech!

If you bank on 0 on "The Weakest Link," you're a bleep! So, Please, hey, anybody visiting my webpage, if you are a contestant on "The Weakest Link", and you bank on 0, remember, Anne Robinson will be outraged at you.

Do you not agree with me? Please e-mail me and explain to me in as many words and possible.


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