(Drumroll:  Every single webpage visitor see what I have to say, I HAVE AN IDEA YOU'LL LOVE.  STICK AROUND AND SEE WHAT IT IS.  IT''S GREAT, IT'S WONDERFUL, IT'S ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING.

How about a game show schedule on PAX TV!  With stars like these.

Everybody.  Pax TV has been airing nothing but bad game shows for as long as they've been on.  I don't like Shop Till You Drop Very Much.  Although Peter Marshall is a great game show host, Reel To Reel was not that good of a show.  I think Pax TV should make a new game show lineup with quality game shows.  It would really make Pax TV's ratings go sky high.  So, I think this is a great idea and I think Pax TV should make their own game show lineup.

I would like to thank David Livingston, Kris Lane, Pat Sajak himself and Mandel Ilagan for these images.  It really makes me feel good that I can say Pax TV can have a good game show lineup.