"Flashbeagle" Song Lyrics

If you have "It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown" on VHS (as I do), you're lucky. You can print out these lyrics to the one "Peanuts" lyrical song you'll ever hear, and sing along with them as you watch. You want to go back home? Well, click HERE!

(Desiree Goyette/Ed Bogas)

He steps on the floor without making a sound
Then he starts feeling the beat
You would think the floor was greased
By the way he's moving his feet

(begin chorus)
He's a champion
He is the best
Impossible to tame
People say that he's obsessed
Listen to the sound of his name
They call him Flash- Flash- Flash- Flash- Flaaaashbeagle
When he goes around the whole room starts to reel
You know he's Flash- Flash- Flash- Flash- Flaaaashbeagle
When he jumps up high he glides like a wild eagle (end chorus)

Lightning flashes when he leaps up
He's got everybody shouting for more
Thunder crashes when he hits the ground
He's burning up the dancin' floor

(repeat chorus)

From the fur on his feet to the tip of his nose
He's got rhythym pumping all through his veins
He spins like a top that'll never stop
With the power of a hurricane

(repeat chorus) 1