Game Show Man Meets the Sexiest Woman in the World!
Above: The one and only Amy Jo Johnson and yours truly outside of the Genghis Cohen Cantina nearby CBS Television City in Los Angeles on February 15, 2004. (Pardon me for my wild-eyed insane look; it's hard not to look crazy when you're meeting someone who NOT ONLY do you really like, but also happens to be more beautiful than 99.9% of the female human population of Earth. Hell, I even threw in a Wayne's World-style "I'm Not Worthy."). I was up in the area for the NBA All-Star Jam Session and discovered she was doing a show that evening, and I couldn't resist. If I only had been host of my own game show, I would be able to die happy. I saw her again in May at a Santa Monica bar called 14 Below, and once again on September 11 (of all days) at the Genghis Cohen. This September 11th concert can be heard on her new CD, Imperfect which you can buy from her website. You can get there by clicking the picture above.


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