Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Walkthrough.
After talking to Ron go to Defence against the Darks arts class, the room is 3 floors up and on the right.  On the way up you will meet Malfoy skip the talking by pressing A and continue up to the 3rd floor.  You will also meet Peaves, again press A and continue going.  When in the class walk up to the teacher and talk to him.  You will learn the Flipendo jinks.  The wand movements change every time so I can not write them down.  There are 3 levels of the spells and when you get them you are awarded house points.  You will then have to complete a task.
The Flipendo task.
Go forward and right continue along the passage untill you see a hogwarts crest, hit it with a spell, this will turn a walkway round, then go back to the start of the task.  Hit the barrel with the jinks so it rolls back into the wall, collect the star and run across the walkway.  You will find a room with Goblins, jinks them, collect the star and go through the door.  NOTE: if you break vases there may be beans in them.  Beans heal you.  In the next room collect the star and when you come to the block of stone hit it with a jinks in the direction of the pointing hand this will make the block fly backwars to create a path.  Jinks the goblin and collect the bean, then keep hitting the blocks to create a path.  To get the last block before the star go to the right and hit a block continue along and hit abother block, then go left and use a jinks, this will move the final block into place.  Collect the star and the bean.  Find the bookcase move up to it and press up.  A bean will fall out, collect the next star and go through the door.  Jinks the 2 goblins, collect the star and go through the door.  NOTE: if you jinks the buckets a bean will fall out.  You will now have all 6 stars!  Once through the door, go back across the walkway and ou the exit.  You will get 20 house points.  Exit the classroom.
3rd Floor.
Meet Hermione and go to potions in the dungeons.  This is 4 floors down.  You will meet Peaves again.  SAVE. Once in potions snape will make you collect some glass vials.  Go down the trapdoor.
Snapes task.
Once down breaks the vases you will find 1 vial.  Go through the door and hit the hogwarts crest.  A walkway will move round.  Go across it and stand on the floor button.  Go through the open door and continue untill you find the 3 doors and then jinks block.  Hit the block and stand on the button.  3 goblins will come out, jinks them and go across the other walkway, collect the vial, press the button and look in the bookcase to find a bean.  Go back to the main room.  Go right to find an open door and go through it.  Go to the furthest right in the room and break the vases to find a vial. Then hit the barrels on to the buttons and go along the passage to find an unlocked door find a vial in there and press the button on the floor.  Go back to the main room and go down untill you find the unlocked door, go through it and hit the Jinks blocks.  Then break the vases to find a glass vail and hit the crest.  Go through the door and wait untill the 4 goblins are near the barrel.  Now when you hit the barrel you will kill the goblins.  Then collect your 6th vial and go back to Snapes classroom.  He will tell you to collect Dittany, Moly, Floberworm Mucus and ans Wiggentree Bark.
Once at the Entrance follow Ron.  Go right from where you stop.  Go up to find a scroll.  Then go left and Jinks the goblin.  Then move next to the hegde just along from the spiky bush.  Jinks the bush 4 times and it will fall down.  NOTE: if you don't move after you fire you will be hit with spikes.  Then go through the gap the bush was in and Jinks the goblin.  Then go below the bush with the gold berry and press up a bag of beans will fall out.  Go down to the original passage and go left and up.  Again hit the bush and dodge the spikes, then hit the goblin and go right hit the tree trunk with a jinks until it is against the hedge.  Then go back to the other log and hit it with a jinks if you have done it correctly the log will go past the other log and hit the hedge.  Collect the beans in the bucket and continue along the path you have made.  Dodge the mushrooms and jinks the goblin.  If you need it there is a bean in the golden bush.  Then defeat the other goblin and go down past the  mushrooms.  There are 2 gobins jinks them and hit the spiky bushes.  Look in the bush you will find a chocolate frog and get a famous witches and wizards card.  Note: later in the game when you learn Alohormora come back because if you stand on the patch of mud outside the hedge inclosure and go left, you will go through the bush and find a chest if you hit this with a unlocking spell the chest will open.  When back on the normal path go a little up and then left and up again.  Knock down the spiky Bush, jinks the goblin, get the bean and enter Hagrids house.  Save.
The Dittany task.
Go left and hit the egg so it covers the button as this will start a moving block, which you can move to the other side on.  Hit the gobins and hit the egg left so it covers the first button.  Then go down and hit the next egg you see on the right.  Destroy the spiky bush and hit the egg down and right.  Then Jinks the goblin, go down and destroy the left spiky bush.  Then go to where the bush was a jinks the other bush from there this will mean the spikes won't reach you.  Defeat the goblin and hit the egg down,  right, down, right, up, left and up again, also jinks the 3 goblins and the spiky bush.  Then hit the jinks block right and hit the egg up and on to the 2nd button.  Then go left and stand on the button next to the trees, this will start a block moving.  Get on it, jinks the goblin and collect the beans on the other side.    Then look in the bushes and jinks 3 the goblins.  Then hit the egg right with a jinks and go back to the bush at the top of the path.  From the top bush go right and down, get a bag of bean from the bush there, take out 2 goblins and then destroy the left bush this will give you space to take out the right bush, get the bag of beans and hit the jinks block down.  Then hit the egg right, up, right, up, left and finally up again.  Then move on to the still block and move carefully across the blocks so you don't fall off.  The Dittiny ( and a bag of beans) will be on the other side.  Once you have the Dittany simply go back to Hagrids hut.
The Grounds.
It is time for flying with Mrs Hooch.  Go right until you see the Quiddich pitch, from there go up until you see another entrance and go into it.  You will find Mrs Hooch and Neville.  They will say they are going to the infirmary. 
The Rememberall task.
Malfoy will fly up to you saying that he has Nevilles Rememberall.  For this part follow Malfoy on your broom and then the Computer takes over press A rapidly.  If you do this you will catch the rememderall and complete the task.  After that you will be put on the Gryffindor Quiddich team and told to go back to the common room.
The Grounds.
Malfoy will come up to you and challange you to a wizard duel, you will accept and agree to meet in the trophy room.  Then go to the entrance to Hogwarts and meet Ron.  After that go to the 4th floor to meet Ron.  Follow him and when you reach the bookcase walk up to it and press up.  A door will appear, go through it, up the stairs and into the common room.  Talk to Hermione and she will teach you the Alohormora spell.  This unlocks doors after you have learnt the spell talk to Ron.  Then go to you dorms. 
Harry Potter Walkthrough (2)