A Great site about Yoshi with all sorts of stuff including previews, reviews and some great gallerys.  Recommended!
A pretty good packed with stuff about Luigi.
A informative site about the Age of Empires games and the Age of Mythology.
A cool Yoshi site with some amazing page effects!
A good Star Wars site including stuff about all the movies and even a preview of Episode 2!
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A great site with lots of tunes and even an option to make your own tunes (midi's)
A great site about all sorts of Tv programs, including Father Ted, Blackadder and much more.
Ryans Stargate Site.
An ok Stargate site which even though has very little content, has great potential.
Age of Empires 2 Maps.
An ok site that has some brilliant AOE 2 Maps.
A great site about all sorts of stuff.  Check it out!