In my opinion Shenmue is one of the best games ever created, second only to Shenmue 2.  In this RPG game you are Ryo Hazuki, a young Japanese martial artist.  You come home one night to find your father being murdered by a man called Lan Di, who is searching for the Phoenix and the Dragon mirrors.  Ryo embarkes on a quest for vengeance, to kill Lan Di.  This game takes up 4 action packed discs.  To complete the game you have to solve puzzles, fight people, complete tasks, finish QTE's (quick timer events) and investigate anything that might lead you to Lan Di.  This is a brilliant game.  In my opinion this game and Shenmue 2 are reasons enough to fork out 70 for a Dreamcast.  BUY THIS GAME!

Rating: 98%

Unlock the 70 person battle

Complete the game and save the data, this will unlock the battle.  Then put in disc 3 to play it. NOTE: this is the same 70 person battle you complete just before deafeating Chai.
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