Super Mario Advance.
Super Mario Advance.

Super Mario Advance is based on the SNES game Super Mario Bros 2.  Supposedly the worst ever Mario game, but despite this it is stilll a pretty reasonably good game.  It is very different to every other Mario game as to defeat the enemies you have to pick up various vegitables and throw them around.  It also comes with the bonus game of Super Mario Bros.  In this game you run around various levels defeating the enemies by hitting the blocks they are standing on and then running into them.  Despite this, only buy this game if you are a die-hard Mario fan and you want a bit of a change.

Rating: 80%

99 Lives.

In world 3-3 climb the ladder, jump over the spark enemies and go to the door above the ledge.  Find the red grass patches and go to the last one. Find a shell, pick it up and go back to the bottom of the level, throw the shell into the doorway , jump onto the ledge and wait.  After you rake up 1600 points from the Shy Guys it shouldn't take too long to get the extra lives.

Extra life on every level.

Collect the 5 red coins scattered throughout the level.

Warp to World 4-1

In World 1-3 after you get the magic potion, go all the way to the left vase.   Use the potion jump on the vase and go down.  Instead of being blocked you will be transported to world 4-1.

Warp to world 5-0

Go to World 3-1 and head over the waterfall and then down, run over to the door in the hill and go inside.  Pull up the vegitables untill you find a potion.  Place the potion near the pot and go down the pot.  You will now be in World 5.

Warp to 7-1

Go to world 5-3 as Luigi.  After you climb the first ladder, powerjump to reach the highest platform, pull up the plant on the right hand side of the warp pot.  It will be a bottle, use it and jump on and down the pot.  You will now be in World 7-1.

Yoshi Challenge and Finding Yoshi Eggs.

After defeating Wart in 7-2, you unlock a special Yoshi challenge game.  Then you can play any level in search of two Yoshi Eggs.  Good Luck!

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