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X-Wing Collectors Series
The X-Wing Collectors series is comprised of X-Wing, Tie-fighter and X-Wing vs Tie fighter.  Without a shadow of a dought I can honestly say that Tie-fighter is the best.  It has great graphics, amazing gameplay and there is so much to complete on it you'll be playing for weeks.  It also has great replay value.  X-Wing is dissapointing it has bad gameplay and has no play value at all but X-Wing vs Tie fighter is better but can get boring as it is only a half-finished version and not the complete one.  If you can your hands on it BUY THIS GAME.  At 15 its a bargain and Tie-fighter is easily worth the price by itself.

Rating: 93%

Become Invinsable
In a game press "ECS" then look at the list to find invinsability change it to yes and you will become invinsable