Theme Park World.
Theme Park World is at first a decent enough game.  You build a theme park, manage customers, build rides and pretty much play God with your park.  Sounds great doesn't it?  Well there are only 4 parks to choose from and the layout of the land is identical in all of them.  The only diffference is the kind of park you are making.  For instance if your making a prehistoric park you might have a large monkey as a ride, in the haunted house park you would have a rotating vampire.  This game is good for the first 45 mins but after that declines and becomes an incredibly borint and repetative game.  Sorry Bullfrog but this game isn't worth the money.

Rating: 65%

Get 10,000
On any park built the giant puzzle sideshow.  Then when someone goes on it raise the price to its highest, which is 10,000.  Then before they finish the game click on the 3 ticks and you will get 10,000 grand every time.
NOTE: to get another person with this trick you have to reset the money back to what it was before, otherwise no one will go on the sideshow again.
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