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My name is Chris and i am from Kenansville, NC. Just so i dont have to change my age every year, i am just gonna say that i was born on May 27, 1982 and you can figure out my age for yourself. I graduated from James Kenan High School in 2000, was enrolled at North Carolina State University for a year, but i realized that wasnt the place for me at the time and i am going to start at James Sprunt Community College in the fall. Right now, i am in a relationship, and, i am hoping that it will last for a very long time. Click here for my Picture Gallery. Also, click here for poetry that was made by my friend, Chris Philipps. More links and pictures are coming soon. This page has been under construction for a long time, but i am finally working on updating it. Thanks for visiting and try out some of the links below.

I'd like to give mad shouts to the people in IRC at NCSU in 2000-2001 (you know who you are), yall are some of the coolest people on campus. Also, here's to Chris Philipps, a good friend and an excellent poet.

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