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Welcome to my Ninja Gaiden Tribute!!!
  This is my tribute to my favorite video game series, *Ninja Gaiden.  Only instead of going TOTALLY all out and giving you everything, I'll simply refer you to the *Ninja Gaiden Homepage for that.  Here I'm mostly posting animations (or anim's), or my two-cents.  Luckily for you, it'll mostly just be anim's.  Here, you'll get to see all your favorite moves and bosses animated from the original *Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (SNES graphics).  Hope you enjoy.
  There is one other concept I wish to introduce, which WILL involve story and concept, as well as animations. This would be my *Ninja Gaiden IV website.  This is simply an idea I've batted around for over nine years, but now cannot cash in on.  Hey...no one's doing 8- to 16-bit games anymore!  Although, anyone wishing to hack a NG game, or perhaps write their own game, or simply want to use my anim's for their websites, are free to do so (and show me what you got...I wanna see!!). 
Just remember the golden rule: *Ninja Gaiden is Tecmo's gold, so they rule.  lol
  Anyway, I'll just let you sit back, click and view the fun.  Feel free to use any of my anim's as you wish, but like I said, beware copyright laws.  This is for visual entertainment only.  I'd appreciate you linking my site if you use any of my anim's, but it's not a requirement.  Hey, if you decide to make a *Ninja gaiden Website of your own, please send me a link.  I'd love to see it as much as I'd love feedback from you on mine.
All demon clan members from all *NG Games!
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Ninja Gaiden
*Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden 2: Dark Sword of Chaos, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Ancient Ship of Doom, are trademark and copyright property of Tecmo Inc.  Display of the images on this site are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!
I, the Guardian, am not for profit in the creation of this website and make absolutely no money for it.  I do not work for Tecmo Inc., nor am I affiliated with Microsoft or Nintendo.  I am simply an enthusiast of the Ninja Gaiden Series.