Australia Patch Reference Page
Australian Capital Territory
hat badge
New South Wales
ballcap patch 2.5"tall
color variations
Northern Territory
All four of these patches were worn up until 1995.  The round one is a maintenance employees breast patch In 1995 the name changed to Parks and Wildlfie Commission and these patches were issued.
A section of the Northern Territory Police is responsible for fisheries enforcement.  They used to wear the Fisheries Officer epaulette identifying them as such.
1967 - 1974
First issue hat badge, metal epaulette and uniform button.
The first uniform patch was the same design as the hat badge.
1974 - 1986
2nd issue hat badge
1974 - 1986

3rd issue hat badge
1974 - 1986
Probationary Patrol Officer
1974 - 1986
worn by management officers only
1986 -1989
4th issue hat badge
1986 - 1989
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1990 - present
1986 - 1989
worn on shoulder
prototype epaulette only 2 are known to exist