What's New In Conservation Patches
In response to alot of inquiries which I have been receiving in regards to new patches for various agencies.  I have decided to list the information here.  I have included pictures of the new insignias when possible.  In addition to those shown below, it is my understanding that Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Nova Scotia will also soon be sporting new emblems as well.  Look for them in the woods and lakes near you.Check back for updates.
New issue about July 2000.  Only the enforcement officers will wear the rocker under neath of the main patch.
New issue in 2000 as a result of the merger between the Florida Freshwater Fish and Game Commission and the Marine Patrol
For those of you who may not know Nunavut is the new territory in Canada which split off from the Northwest Territories and became its own separate entity in April of 1999.  This is their first issue patch which is being used in the interim, while the agency is requesting permission to use the Territorial  Coat of Arms on the patch. 
    New in January 2000, Victoria Australia Fish and Wildlife officers are sporting this patch which replaces the previous round and rectangular designs which had the same plant logo depicted.
     Officers are deignated as either Fisheries Officer, Wildlife Officer or Wildlife and Fisheries Officers by full length epaulettes which identify title. The distinctions vary geographically depending on where the officers are stationed.
    Alberta Conservation Officers began sporting yet another new patch in 2003.  This is perhaps the best looking patch from Alberta to date.
   Overruns of the very hard to find current issue
U.S. Virgin Island Department of Planning and Natural Resources patches are available for $12 a set through USA Industries of Oklahoma, Inc. at 1-800-297-2824 while supplies last.
Queensland national Parks and Wildlife Service changed the color scheme of their patch late in 2000.  the patch still depicts the Herbert Valley Ringtailed Possum.
    The Tasmania Inland Fisheries Comission recently changed names in 2001 and there 7 officers are now wearing this new patch.
    Wildlife Officers in Nunavut received this sharp looking new crest in early 2001 which depicts the Territorial Coat of Arms.  This patch replaces the Wildlife Officer patch pictured above.
    Officers in Quebec received this sharp new patch in 2001.  It replaces the rather plain patch which was previosuly in use and draws heavily from a previous design used by Quebec in the 1970's.
    Nevada has recently changed back to a state shaped patch.  this design replaces the round Division of Wildlife patch which had been in use for the last several years.  This patch is available for $4.00. Send payment to: 

Nevada Division of Wildlife
Attention Conservation Education
1100 Valley Road
Reno, Nevada 89512
Ranger's with the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service received a new patch in 2000.  It is made from a a silky woven type material
    I just recently picked up this nice looking patch in a trade, but I don't know much about it.  If anyone has any additional information other then what is listed on the patch I would appreciate hearing from you.