Game Worlds is a fan based web site, devoted to the game, Savage Worlds written by Shane Hensley, published by Great White Games. Savage Worlds is a role-playing game designed to simulate any possible genre, be it science fiction, fantasy, super heroes, mystery, horror, or anything in between. One thing it does very well is large scale combats. This makes it a wargame as well, and indeed a subset of the rules, called Showdown can be used as such, but the core rule books empahsis is on role-playing with combats that can accomodate large numbers of individuals, and do it fast. In fact, the motto of Savage Worlds is "Fast! Furious! Fun!". If you do not already own a copy of Savage Worlds please run right now to your local gaming store and buy a copy. You'll be happy you did.

On this website you will find information on Savage World books, and ebooks I have worked on, including teasers for up and coming books, including my own Scairy Tales. Now, who am I? My name is Brent Wolke. I moved from fanboy to playtester to proofer to editor and now author of Savage Worlds products, thanks to the support of Shane Hensley. Honestly, I was a just a fan of the game and managed to make it onto the Savage Worlds original playtest group, and through offering my support and enthusiasm for the game became more and more involved with future products.

Also on this website, you will find many links to useful sites. These other sites contain direct Savage Worlds content, or inspiration for me. This website is still very much a work in progress, so as I get more completed I will update as soon as possible. Right now thier is nothing much to look at. Hope you have fun.

The Body of Work

Scairy Tales - Author

The Nightmare has come to the land of Dreams.
Written by Brent Wolke

There is no cover yet for this book.


50 Fathoms - Editing

A fantastic setting about a world drowned by witches.
Written by Shane Hensley

Dungeon Crawl - Proofreading

A fun little fantasy adventure.
Written by Shane Hensley
(No image available)

Highwater War - Special Thanks

A fantasy 'war in a night' with extensive use of the Mass Battle rules.
Written by Jason D. Young

Necessary Evil - Last Minute Heroics

A super hero setting where you play the villains instead!
Written by Clint Black and Scott Pyle

Noble Deceit - Editing

A lengthy fantasy adventure complete with scaled maps for minis.
Written by Randy Mosiondz

On the Rocks - Editing

A fun preview adventure of the forthcoming Takanak City Tales.
Written by Matthew DeForrest.

Prisoner of Pain - Editing

A mature fantasy adventure with adult topics.
Written by Markus Finster

Red Rising - Additional Material, Layout, Editing

The Year is 2017 and the Soviets have won the Cold War.
Written by Joseph Unger

There is no cover yet for this book.

Rippers - Editing

A miniature war game for Victorian Monster Hunters.
Written by Christopher Dolunt and Shane Hensley

Savage Worlds - Playtester, Special Thanks

The actual rules for the Revised Edition.
Written by Shane Hensley

Screamers - Proofreading

A mini-miniatures game set in the Lost Colony.
Written by Shane Hensley


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This is a fan based web-site. I do not own Savage Worlds. Shane Hensley of Great White Games owns Savage Worlds. Using the name here, does not mean to imply a challenge to the copyright of Savage Worlds. In other words; The Game isn't mine, I'm not charging any money.