May 1, 2001
Beach Head 2000 Shooter
April 29, 2001
Off-Road Redneck Racing Racing Simulator

May 1, 2001
Tropico v1.01
Majest: Expansion Update #2
Fly II Update 1
April 29, 2001
B-17: Flying Fortress v2.0
Panzer Elite v1.08
Tribes 2 v22460
NASCAR Racing 4 v1.1
Serious Sam v1.00c

February 10, 2001
Archive for C Various

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Top 50 Video Games

First/Very Last News Kerunt January 12, 2002

WOA.... OK I come back to our old site today (which has been closed for 8 months)and I get these site raitings:


now.... if this counter doesnt lie (I am confused ok, its been 8 months)and somebody besides O.G. (which ive notified of this) is infact reading this. then please email me saying that u read the new news post and would like the site up. If I get a few of these it just could lead to this site being revived. :) If you are reading this line, then you are waistin' your time and are not emailing me . DO IT!

Last Site NewsO. G June 4, 2001

As you might have noticed we didn't update the site for more than a month. Not that there were no new files, but time changes, I have no time to work with site since I got a job and school & other things suck everything out of me. Joker has no time or interest in keeping it alive as well. I have to say that it was a lot of fun and I learned so much new stuff about being a webmaster. I'm very sorry, but there is nothing I can do about it. If anybody has a desire to get all the scripts and files, just e-mail me here.

Site NewsO. G April 18, 2001

Yep, new files just keep on coming, and we don't forget to bring them to you just as they come out. Today a new demo from Might & Magic series, no, it's not a strategy - it's an arcade. You can dowload Legends of Might and Magic directly from here . In addition, does anybody know if this each-week-new-patch soap opera for Tribes 2 will ever end? Well, Sierra doesn't - get the new "bug-fixer" from their site.

Site NewsO. G April 14, 2001

Small update, today - latest patch (v1.41) for Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter. The list of fixes is located here. Happy Easter, everybody!

Site NewsO. G April 13, 2001

Finally, I'm back online after a 2-week absence! Since I haven't done something I promised i will do, I decided to totally catch-up with the latest files. Yep, there are 6 new demos and 8 new patches all wating for you to download. Now, you're completely up-to-date!

Site NewsKerunt April 12, 2001

Just a little update. A few new demos. I dont know if they are good or not, I havent tried them. O.G. is still having probs so he could be away for some time. Please drop us a line in the guestbook, we hardly have any entries.

Site NewsKerunt April 9, 2001

Finally, I uploaded a few new demos. OG is having probs with his comp and can't upload nottin :(. For Adventure lovers I'de recommend Gilbert Goodmate. Its a pretty good adventure game with good graphics. Get it! Anyway I gotta go now c yall...

Site NewsO. G March 28, 2001

Little update, today. Assimilation - is a puzzle where the goal is to assimilate all your opponents pieces by moving yours next to one of theirs. Up to eight people can play on one board. Get it here. By the way, I'll be offline for this week-end so the month wrap-up will posted later next week. In my absence, Kerunt will be doing all your daily updates.

Site NewsGG Crew March 29, 2001

A little surprise from GG! Yes, we have re-started our work with patches! Now we deliver all the latest patches just as they come out - that's means no delay and no point of requesting them - just get them @ Gamers Garage. Today, 2 newest patches for 2 hot games of 2001 are here - get them both in our Patches section.

Site NewsO. G March 28, 2001

Yes, we are back online and better then ever! With the new host we'll be able to update the site with a faster rate and improved quality. Sorry about this annoying error message; I don't really know what causes, but I promise I'll spent some time on fixing it. Now to the point, today is our 'whole load of strategies of all kinds and colors' update with 4 recently released demos: Star Trek Away Team, Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns and Braveheart. Get them while they are hot!

Site NewsKerunt March 28, 2001

Hey everybody. As you might have noticed we havent been updating lately. Thats because our old server got SCREWED up and wouldnt let us connect. We have now moved to Geocities and we put up a script that removes their banner, that could probably be the line 154 error cause I noticed a lot of sites have this line 154 error and they are on Geocities without a banner. Sorry. As you might have noticed, I changed my nick from "Joker" to "Kerunt". My new email address is kerunt@hotmail.com. I will try to work some more on cracks today, but I have a pretty big test on friday that I havent even started studying for. :( So be patient. If you have any requests for cracks please contact me and I will get them for you.

Site News O. G March 21, 2001

We have been a little 'behind' in demos, so I decided to bring you 5 latest demos, that came out in period of March 11 to March 21. There is everything out there: 3D action fans won't be disappointed with Operation Flashpoint, space simulators are represented by Battlecruiser Millennium, a huge army of RPP/strategy lovers should be interested in ExcaliBug, and the last game - Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island, well you get the idea...

Month Wrap-Up O. G February 2001

Well folks, the month of February is over and the last day brought you 2 new demos. I think both are worth trying, so all the extreme sports lovers can check out 3D Scooter Racing, while the rest of us will try out the new simulator of futuristic crafts done by the Russian folks from Buka -- Echelon. Please note that it is in Russian. Anyone desperate to try it can feel free to contact me or Joker for help in translation.
>< February Wrap-Up:
Overall, during the second month of the year, 21 demos were available for downloading. Among the different genres arcades and action games were the leaders, with sports and role-playing&strategies tied for second play and only 3 simulations behind everyone. As for hybrids, 4 games had more than 1 genre expressed in the game. That's it for February wrap-up as we should look forward to the new demos in the month of March.

Site News O. G February 25, 2001

It's been a long time since I've posted something here. Well, I think the time to do it again is now, and there is no better reason then a huge update with 5 new hot demos. All are waiting on you to download in demos section. If you are wondering which one should i download first, I advice Evil Islands - an innovative mix of strategy and role-playing, set in a true 3D fantasy environment. Find your way through three islands, each with a totally different look, its own unique inhabitants and unsolved mysteries, to be torn between diplomacy and war, magic and cold steel, friends and foes (info from Nival site.) Check all of them and figure out the ones, you like the most.

Site News Joker February 10, 2001

Hey guys and gals! I got you cracks for the main games beginning with the letter C. Don't forget that you can request cracks for Any Game.
Like O.G. said we got some new probs. The domain name we had is gone, and we don't know why. O.G. and I are trying to get a new one right now. With the domain gone almost nobody comes here anymore out of those 300 people. :( Too bad. Tnx to everybody that still comes and remembers our backup address though. Don't forget to keep voting! We want to be the 1st! (Not that anybody doesn't...)

Site News GG Crew February 6, 2001

The new month brought new problems to Gamers Garage, and, unfortunately, those problems seem to be unsolvable, at least in foreseeable future. Therefore, we would like to warn all of our visitors that are current domain name, URL, address, whatever you want it to call, is http://gamersgarage.cjb.net/ . Please, don't forget to change all the bookmarks in your favourites list or just remember that we are having a new web-address...

Site News Original G January 18, 2001

What a demo explosion! 5 new demos will squash you like 5 gigantic bombs thrown out of Gamers Garage bombardier. All are up and waiting on you @ demos section. Sorry I have been off the schedule for a while, but weekend promises to be very productive as me and Joker, who delivered a new site for the respected sites section few days ago, will work hard to bring something new and fresh.

Site News Original G January 14, 2001

I'm back just in time for 2 new demos. Did you notice a huge 10 day break between the latest and the previous demos? I wonder if developers are still celebrating. Well, as we all know holiday season is over and it's time to remove snow form our pages. That's right - no more snow, plus couple of other design changes are made just as I promised on January 7. Thanks to everyone who votes for us...

Site News Original G January 7, 2001

It's very nice and delightful to see huge increase of traffic Gamers Garage is experiencing right now. I would like to thank everyone for voting for our young site. Overall, there seems to be lull among game developers, maybe due to the post-vacation adaptation period. I'll be off for a few days and therefore all the planned design changes will be up when I come back. But don't worry, Joker will be keeping everything up and Gamers Garage will be still updated.

Site News Joker January 6, 2001

Hey, sorry that we didn't update for a few days. We have been kind of busy (and lazy)... Any way, yesterday Original G got you a new demo. So try it if you want, and I'll be probably working on cracks for a few days. Thank you to everybody that voted for us 8)! Though not a lot of people did :( , but still thanks. Please do vote for us, so we will have more traffic and get happier! In the voting section I added a new link Vote For GG, it's a top site like the other ones. So please vote for us, and don't forget to sign our guestbook!

Site News Joker January 3, 2001

We have joined a few top site's, so please vote for us. If you vote for us, we get more traffic, we get happier 8) and give you more stuff. Also now we have a respected sites place. Cozmik Gamez is a cool game site (that I visit, quite often) that has lots of full games for download. Don't worry it doesn't have any adult material so it's safe to visit. 8-)

Site News Original G January 2, 2001

Since things are going pretty slow on the start of 2001 and there are not many files coming out, we decided to work on some sizing up's of 2000. To take a look on what y2k brought us in the field of demos, there is a special page we made for it. In addition to that, Joker finished working on the cracks starting from A and B. He will be working hard to bring you all the best cracks for the games on the net. Finally, I found a few items that you might enjoy to read over at C|Net, their "Top 10 Game Predictions for 2001" as well as a humorous "The Ten Worst PC Games of All Time".

Site News Original G January 1, 2001

We are already in 2001 - the first year of the 3rd millennium and 21st century. Now, how long have you been waiting for this moment? I was for quite a while, so I've been preparing and when the New Year came - I was having the time of my life. My presents were awesome and they should make me even more productive. Well, I hope 2001 will be even better for Gamers Garage because we will try hard to bring you the best... Once again Happy New Year!

>>> Newswire of 2000
Look at how our site started and relive the moments of 2000 for Gamers Garage.


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