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July 2000


Pam, Mark, Noah and Jacob stayed at the beach house with Mema, Papa, Megan and Karlie until July 7th.


Birthdays for July

Noah had his 5th birthday on 3rd July

Cheri Kennedy 6th July

Jonathan Markcity' s 5th      
on 8th July

Pamela Bradley 27th

Olga Nelson 31st


Mike, Cheri, Christopher and Jonathan arrived on the 25th and stayed until the 9th Aug.

Megan and Karlie spent the entire month taking tennis and swimming lessons when Megan wasn't sleeping or reading her book "HARRY POTTER"


I guess we can safely say that we had a great and active July.


August 2000

More swimming and tennis for the girls until they had to leave for Georgia on the 11th.


Mike, Cheri and the 2 boys had a great time and we all enjoyed the family party on the 5th. They had to leave and head back to Florida on the 9th.


Mema & Papa celebrated their 47th anniversary on 6th Aug.

We had a terrific summer, but now that everyone is gone it sure is quiet and lonely around here.

So here is the schedule for the rest of the year.



Sept 2000

We will be closing the cottage for this year and  head back to Georgia on the 15th.

Home around the 21st and getting ready for Megan's 14th Birthday and our cruise in October.



Oct 2000

Megan and Todd's Birthday on the 15th.



Cookie Olga's Teaching excellence and National Academics Advising Awards Day on 7th

Leaving for our home in Florida 18th and getting organized for the Cruise on the 29th.


Nov 2000

Aly has her 2nd birthday 23rd Mark's birthday is on the 11th

Arrive back in Port Charlotte from the cruise on 17th. Head back to Georgia on 18th for Thanksgiving Dinner at our home with the Family.



Dec 2000

Preparing  for the Family Christmas get together.

Jacob has his 2nd birthday on 29th December

Pam and Mark's anniversary
on 29th december

Still don't know when everyone will be arriving, but will revise the dates as we get them.

Love Y'all.