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Ain't Life A Beach???

It is summertime, and that means the entire Markcity Brood will once again make their annual migration to Crystal Beach.  Mema and Papa will be in Canada from mid-June until early September.  Karlie and Megan will be spending the summer with Mema and Papa untill August 11th.  The Bradley's will be at the cottage from June 30th until July 6th.  The Markcity's will be at the cottage from July 25th until August 9th. Cook and Aunt Libby expect to join the hill group from August 3rd  until August 9th.


Great Summer Reading!
"How I Spent My Summer Vacation", a pictorial novella by Megan Elaine Kennedy.  Click Here.



Papa and Mema celebrated their 47th Anniversary on August 6th.  Papa and Mema saw Space Cowboys and had a German dinner at Scharf's Restaurant in Buffalo to celebrate, compliments of Mike, Cheri and Pam.  Afterwards, it was back to the cottage for cake and coffee with the Morrows and Piwos.  As the kids keep reminding us, now it is only 3 more years till "Bon Voyage!"


BEACH PARTY, August 5th, Markcity/Piwo Deck
This years themed party "All Things Mystical/Magical" was not so themed.  Everyone decided prior to the party to just have a family cookout.  The Morrows, Piwos, Markcitys, and about 100 pounds of polish sausage made an appearance at the deck around 5:00pm.  After much dancing by the "younger generation" and lots of eating by the "not so younger generation", everyone called it a night around 11:00pm.  Some Party Pics are displayed on the main Photos Page.  Some thumbnails may not work properly; however, this should be fixed in a day or so.


Congrats to all the July Birthdays!
Noah turned 5 on July 3rd.  Cheri Kennedy turned 36 on July 6th, Jonathan was 5 on July 8th, Pam turned 34 on July 27th, and Olgie hit the big 58 on July 31.


Happy Anniversary Aunt Libby and Uncle Alex.  
They will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary on July 22nd.