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  The source code for linux is free to download from the Net. Some companies,however,have made their own commercial distributions and some are listed below.                                                                                           
Debian is a distribution that carries on the traditions of the kernel that gave it life.
Storm Linux is a Debian GNU/Linux based distribution designed for the desktop and network markets.
Yellow DogYellow Dog
Yellow Dog Linux takes advantage of the most current, stable, and secure Linux kernel and libraries, and best of all, some of the fastest hardware on the planet
Since its first release in 1992, Slackware has been built with ease of use and stability as top priorities.
This top-notch distribution features a rich desktop environment complete with popular applications.
MkLinux takes advantage of the Mach Kernel abstraction to run on HPPA, Intel, and PowerPC.
Red HatRed Hat
Founded in 1994, Red Hat is a leader in the development of Linux-based operating system (OS) software and services.
KSI Linux (current release is 2.0) is a powerfull well build distribution with support for both russian and english
Corel LinuxCorel Linux
Experience Linux® performance built specifically for the desktop that delivers an incredibly easy-to-use, four-step graphical installer that automatically detects most PCI hardware.
User friendly and fast (Pentium optimizations), Mandrake features many graphical interfaces (KDE, GNOME, WindowMaker)
The first ASP (Application Service Providers) oriented Linux distribution. Easiest to install and use,
Caldera Systems, Inc. is the leader in providing Linux®-based business solutions
Phat Linux is the best Distribution of Linux for new users. It is easily installed on your DOS or Windows partition. It comes with many popular programs, including KDE desktop preinstalled
Stampede GNU/Linux is a high performance distribution which seeks to provide a high-quality computing environment through focus on stability and compatibility.
Elfstone LinuxElfstone Linux
Elfstone Linux is a highly stable Linux distribution specifically designed for programmers, engineers and network administrators.
Best LinuxBest Linux
The Best Linux operating system is easy to install with no complicated options. Graphical installation goes smoothly, either on a new computer or beside another operating system.
SuSE Linux includes over 1500 applications. With the new graphical installation tool, users can be up and running Linux on a drag-and-drop desktop in under 20 minutes.
LuteLinux simplifies. We make Linux easy to install and use. We distribute Linux with an easy installer, and a great deal of application software.