Celebrating 40 years of Honour and Tradition

Gamma Beta Lambda

The Warrior's Fraternity



Gamma Beta Lambda is a Fraternity based upon the ideals of a multicultural Warrior Way and was founded in Ontario, Canada in the 1960's. 

For many years an off-campus, private men's fraternity, Gamma Beta Lambda has become more 'public' in recent times, and is in the process of establishing a presence on Canadian university and college campuses. Gamma Beta Lambda is unique in its approach to the fraternity concept and in addition to many other features, emphasizes a regional as well as a 'campus-local' network of fraternity brothers.

Gamma Beta Lambda is certainly not for everyone: Our selection process, while honour-focused and respectful, is stringent. Our brotherhood accepts only a small number of men each year. 

Gamma Beta Lambda: Crafted in silence - forged in fire

Founded in 1963 by a small group of seasoned Warriors, our tradition began its life as a ‘secret’ society of postgraduate college and university men. Its mandate was simple: To provide a secure and supportive network environment to a group of honourable brothers: Brothers who not only shared the gift of intellect and academic desire, but who also shared the ‘Blood-Fire’ of their ancestral Warrior traditions. 

Gamma Beta Lambda: Strength in Diversity: A Circle of Steel

The honourable men of Gamma Beta Lambda have always come from variety of cultural, spiritual and academic backgrounds. From the time of our Founders, diversity and pride have always been encouraged. As Founder Ari Torinsson once said: “It is the Warrior Heart that counts beyond all else.”

Gamma Beta lambda: Honoured Ideals: Moving Forward

Originally a blending of noble ideals from its Aboriginal and European-Canadian Founders, Gamma Beta Lambda promoted a “Fraternity with a difference” philosophy right from the start. Our Founders relied little on the ‘traditional’ fraternity model, and instead focused on the needs of Warrior–Scholars in a ‘real world’ environment.

The Warrior-Scholar model moved forward, slowly at first, but gradually gained a cadre of great brothers.

By the 1970’s Gamma Beta Lambda had become a more ‘public’ fraternity, though it remained a semi-private, ‘off-campus’ entity. It was not until the end of the 20th Century that a more traditional on-campus concept was considered.

The Gamma Beta Lambda Difference

These are just a few ways in which our brotherhood differs from other fraternities:

Still Interested?

If you feel you have what it takes to join our select fraternal brotherhood, please contact our Membership Committee representative* at: Gamma_Beta_Warriors@yahoo.ca

* While our fraternity is currently located in the Southern British Columbia region, we are always open to the possibilities of expansion, North America wide. If you have an interest in our Fraternity don't hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address.

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