The Beautiful Image of Delta
She is such a beautiful vision,
A woman of confidence, achievement, and responsibility.

She is statuesque, sensual , serious, yet almost surreal
Can it be?
Is this my Big Sisters image staring at me?

I can remember one year ago,
Seeing her involve herself in all aspects of her education,
Handling her economics,
Taking care of her international affairs,
Maintaining her physical, as well as her mental health,
And even on political issues she stays abreast...
This Delta woman never rests!

Now she is my sister, my Big Sister,
A role model and a constant reminder of the kind of woman I aspire to be.
I see her image so clearly now...
I just wonder if she sees me.

Her face is so virtuous, yet so mysterious,
She understands the ultimate sacredness of sisterhood,
and love of D.S.T.
I can see this by just looking into her eyes!

But as I look deeply into her eyes, I see a small reflection
A reflection of a young Black woman in Delta,
this reflection kind of looks like me...

As I focus on my reflection,
I see my face turn into a blurry image that I once was.
I am worried at first, because I am not sure if I am losing my own image in Delta.
But I smile when I know why,
My image is being transformed in her eyes.

These are tears of joy that are being cried-
Cried by my Big Sister who made me what I am today.

A woman who knows and holds my heart,
A true diva and a role model that sparked,
My love for D.S.T. from the start.

She is my Big Sister, she already knows who I am,
My image is real to her,
It is not hard for her to understand!

She is such a beautiful vision...
And now I can truly see,
That her image is my image.
I am her and she is me.

-Kara Jenkins, Fall 1998
Leaves of Love
There are many things about love that one can never understand
One in love can only know the smile in his beloved's eyes;
The satisfaction that surfaces from the depths of his soul.
The faith that they share in the wisdom of the Almighty.
Awakening to the promise of a new and beautiful sunrise,
And the quiet whispering rustle of the leaves.

God's spiritual mystery of strength and endurance reflect in the green.
The secret lies nestled safely within each oak's tops.
The great evergreens offer testimony to the power of the human spirit.
From the pines of Georgia to the majestic cypress of Florida,
the perfect analogy of life resounds.
Nature has truly blessed the world with the gift of sanctity.
Leaves are to serve as examples of how love should exist.

Leaves sustain themselves simply with the hope of a new day.
Leaves feel the pain that comes with the changing seasons.
Yet they remain until the Higher Power deems a metamorphosis necessary.
Leaves are the supreme statement of being.
Leaves will forever be submissive to the will of the Father.

People in love must believe in God like leaves cling to the branches
Through the storm, the true and sure reality will survive:
Let us be those leaves, our spirit blowing in the wind of love, together.

-Angel Bolden, Fall 1997
Who am I?
Many women have come but few have walked in my shoes
See, my shoes have walked a long way down a path which others can not follow
From a history which is rich and full of many great women

I have a torch to carry and it holds the burdens of this world
Many ask me if my torch is heavy and I just smile and say, "anything for you my sister"
When I walk into a room, people wonder who I am and where I have been
And I reply to them, I have and eternal flame which burns in my heart
It is for a world which is imperfect and full of many injustices
When I see my sister down, I pick her up
When there is a calling to serve, I am the first in line

There are those who still look at at me in dismay and wonder who I am
And for those I simply respond:
"I come from a place where crimson and cream covers the land
Where the calling to serve is done by many
where my ancestors held hands and struggled for women's suffrage
For you my sister
I am Delta Sigma Theta.
-Ayana Boyd, Fall 1997
Soror Creations
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