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This website first began in October of's almost 2 years old now!

I'm realizing that it has gotten a little dusty amidst my wedding plans and own personal website, so I decided to give the site a slight facelift and inject it with some fresh energy! Please be patient with the site while changes are being made :)

Recent ZTA 2004 graduates from WAC will be in the Sister Spotlight next month and the site will be hosting an all new Picture Submissions page! I've also found a new discussion board for us to use, which hopefully will be more user friendly.  Stay posted for updated ZTA contact info! Thanks for checking in and thinking about your sisters from WC!


(Here's the original message from when the site first started!)

Welcome to the new rB alumnae homepage, made especially for sisters of ZTA from Washington College. We all know how difficult it can be to stay in touch with those we care about, even if they aren't that far away. Fortunately our "digital lives" help us out with this! So hopefully this site will be a successful resource for everyone who would like to keep up with recent news about sisters or to find out how to get in touch with someone that's been on your mind lately. Happy surfing! And please make suggestions so that this site can be made even more useful to you! E-mail the web mistress